Kadence Tutorial Session 8

In this Kadence Tutorial session, we will look at a number of utilities which will be very useful on your WordPress websites.

Firstly, we check out the facilities which are available on the Closte managed WordPress hosting platform. Tis platform offers professional security services such as DDOS protection (distributed denial-of-service attacks); WAF (web application Firewall); schedules backups; the Google CDN; and some services which derive from the LiteSpeed Server which powers the Closte platform.

We will then discuss utilities for security, backup and update management.

WP 2FA is a very useful plugin to add two factor authentication to the login page of your site.

Wordfence adds 2FA as a part of a whole host of security utilities including a firewall and malware scanning. The premium version adds extra features, including much faster implementation of patches required to overcome security leaks discovered by the Wordfence team.

UpdraftPlus is a featured backup application which all has a very useful free version. CleanTalk is my favourite anti-spam utility. It isn’t free but only costs a few dollars per year …and is one of my first recommendations.

We finish by introducing ManageWP, a utility that allows the management of a large number of WordPress websites with tasks such as updating themes and plugins, backups, security checks and uptime monitoring.

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Session Video

The following video is a screen recording of the tutorial. Check out the features of the video player explained below to get the best experience of playing this video.

This video is also available on my YouTube channel.

Features of video player

The video is displayed in the Presto Player which has a number of very useful features which are accessed through the six icons in the lower right hand corner of the video frame.

  • The first icon displays the chapters – time points embedded into the video. Click the icon to display the table. Select the desired chapter and click. The video will begin to play from that point.
  • The second icon is a MUTE button.
  • The third icon is a slider volume bar.
  • The fourth “gear” icon is a setting selector. Clicking that icon allows you to select the required quality and speed. The video is produced and delivered in HD resolution (1080p) and can be played in full screen mode if the your internet bandwidth is sufficient.
  • The fifth icon selects a Picture In Picture mode.
  • The final icon selects full screen playback mode.

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