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Welcome to the March, 2022 edition of my newsletter.  Each month I share a variety of articles of interest about the work I am doing on WordPress websites.

Walk in 3 Worlds

Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast – a case study

I entered into this project knowing almost nothing about podcasts. I had video recorded a session on Podcasting with WordPress by Tony Cosentino at Word Camp Brisbane 2018, but I had no real experience in creating content; publishing that content to the various platforms; and building the required WordPress website to support the podcast.

But that was all about to change..

I was approached by the ever-enthusiastic Greg Dodge, a colleague from my years in the music industry. Greg was working on yet another idea and this time it was to create a community around his life experiences involving people of various cultural backgrounds. He had begun to produce content for a podcast to be called “Walk in 3 Worlds”.

Click the button below to read the full story of what is involved in producing a podcast; distributing it to many platforms; and building a website to support the community gathered to the message.

I am now convinced of the power of the podcast to get your message out there.

Read this case study →
Kadence Tutorial Series

Kadence Tutorial Series

This month I began delivering a series of tutorials on the use of the Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks in building WordPress websites. These tutorials form part of the local WordPress MeetUp where the project has been to build a website for a children’s playground safety organisation.

The goal of the project is to learn how to build a WordPress website using only free tools and the WordPress native editor called Gutenberg. The free versions of the Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks are very supportive of Gutenberg and offer a powerful suite of tools.

The tutorials are designed to be useful for entry-level WordPress users …those building their first site …or those needing to upskill.

As the sessions are being delivered, I capture a screen recording and make the video available on my website for the participants to review the content at a later time. The first session is now available and you are invited to check it out.

Watch the video of Session 1  →
Google Business Profile header

.au Domains available for pre-order

auDA ( .au Domain Administration) is now rolling out a new second-level open domain namespace for users in Australia.

The new .au domains will join the currently available open namespaces of .com.au, .net.au, .org.au, .asn.au and .id.au.

Advantages of using a .au domain name include:

  • having a shorter url – four characters may not seem to be much, but on a mobile device every character counts
  • highlighting your Australian presence – only Australian registered companies will be allowed to obtain the .au domain name
  • ensuring your brand is protected – even if you don’t advertise the domain name, you should own it to prevent someone else owning it and potentially using it against you.

If your domain is used to represent a commercial brand, you would be well advised to act as soon as possible to secure the relevant .au domain.

Talk to me about your .au domain →
CleanTalk anti-spam service

CleanTalk anti-spam service

In my most recent blog, I have addressed the issue of preventing email spam from Contact Forms on websites. If you have a website with a contact form, you have no doubt received spam email from Eric Jones with his generous offer to improve your website.

I looked at the four most common ways of dealing with spam – honeypot fields, Akismet, Google reCAPTCHA and CleanTalk.

In the blog I outline why I now use and recommend CleanTalk as the most effective service available.

I have been monitoring the results from ten sites now for a few months. In some cases (particularly sites with overseas reach) many thousands of invalid traffic submissions (spam) have been prevented each week.

If you are receiving spam from your contact form, blog comments, or product comments on your website, I suggest that you read the blog and then contact me about installing CleanTalk on your website.

Talk to me about CleanTalk→

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