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Think of your website as being one of your most important business machines

An engineer with a focus on Performance

Unlike many web developers, my background is not as a graphic designer …but as an engineer.

My focus is on building things that work. Like every other important machine in your business, your website must work
– fulfilling it’s function at peak performance.

It’s quite simple really …websites just have to work.

I am really amazed by the artistic creativity of so many beautiful websites, but in the world where I live, a small business website simply has to work. As an engineer at heart, I’m committed to making your business website work for the growth of your business.

wireframe planning of a website

My Process

A website that works comes from a well executed plan

After building many websites, I have developed a process that guides the construction of a website. Each step is critical.

two coffe cups

Face to face meeting

A successful working website is the result of a clear understanding of the site’s purpose. That can only come about when the business owner and the web developer are on the same page …thus a face-to-face meeting is the starting point.

developing blueprint

Develop Blueprint​

With a clearly defined purpose, we can now develop a blueprint which will find the right visitors and lead them through a logical path of content and strategic opportunities to respond.

keyword research semrush

Keyword Analysis

There’s no point in building a beautiful new website if it can’t be found by your potential customers. Keyword analysis identifies the search terms that the site must rank for.

building website in WordPress

Build WordPress Web Site

Sites are built on the WordPress platform …preferably without the overhead of a bloated theme and page builder. Performance is critical.

closte hosting

Hosting & Maintenance

I only use premium hosting, caching and content delivery networks to achieve the best possible performance. Like a fine-tuned machine, your site will be well-maintained.

writing blog with coffee

Content marketing​

A working website can never be a static device. Apart from on-going maintenance, it must also continue to provide updated and fine-tuned content.

What My Clients Say

Based on 10 Reviews

I engaged Doug to take over the hosting and management of the Haven Fencing website after it had begun to look a bit dated and also to slip back in Google rankings. He has worked on progressively updating the design, the overall performance, and also the SEO of the website. I now receive a regular flow of requests for quotes, many of which have attached images and plans. I would have no hesitation in recommending Doug for the work he is doing on my website.

Doug Watt has been my web site developer and manager for many years now having rebuilt our tired web site and especially our online ordering system. Doug’s attention to detail is outstanding and coming from an engineering background he makes sure it works and it does. His service to us is above expectation and nothing is too much trouble. He is a friend and colleague and I highly recommend him.

“When our new website didn’t perform as expected we contacted Doug to help us. He did a thorough website audit and wrote a report which enabled us to re-negotiate the deal with the company that built the site. He has rebuilt the website and provided all of the technical services required to make it perform as needed. Highly recommended.”

Doug has been helping our club with our existing Wordpress based website. We were struggling with design and functionality. Doug acted promptly to sort out our immediate difficulties and has gone on to offer sage advice on a way forward. He is easy to talk to and has continued to quickly fix issues as they arise, at reasonable cost. He has even created a little tutorial for us on how to make better use one element of our site He's a 'keeper'.

Dougs deep engineering knowledge and understanding of how a website functions “behind the scenes” makes all the difference from a website that may look really good but is slow to load, problematic, doesn't work on some platforms. Added to this his 40 odd years of experience in high quality audio recording has made all the difference to the videos on our site.

We came to Doug with purely conceptual, non technical ideas about what we wanted our website to achieve. Doug was able to listen to our ideas and, through an iterative process, guide us through to completion. Through an independent peer review we learned that Doug employed best practices and prioritized security which will serve our business well into the future. Our website is up and running and providing the right e-commerce solutions for our business.

Having met Doug many years ago in a different industry, I reached out to him when I needed a webmaster for Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast to help me navigate building a website that linked an active site with CRM, Podcast episodes (Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music etc), Youtube and Patreon and more. After two cafe meetings, Doug quickly understood what I required and went about building the site that would do what we discussed. I am pleased to say he gave me much more than my initial expectations, with all sorts of great advice and then Doug implemented it into the back end of the site. It is a wonderful site and I feel truly empowered by Doug as he now trains me how to run the site for our own startup business via his training modules. I certainly recommend Doug Watt Websites as the place to go for a site for your business or organisation. I now feel like a real pro when I tell people WE did this together. He helped make the impossible, possible.

I have used relied on Doug's expertise to create two unrelated business Wordpress websites (one of which is bilingual), and have been very pleased with the end product. Even more importantly, the process of constructing these was a good experience. I highly recommend Doug Watt Websites

Doug offers a diverse skillset that really benefits our organisation. Apart from looking after our website (and now in the process of getting a new site built) he brings videography skills to the table. This has proved beneficial for recording seminars and live-streaming events. Of course, this content gets added to the website and used in LinkedIn. Highly recommend Doug.

My website generates quality inquiries every day. I have been so happy with amount of business the website brings in. If you are looking for a new website build I would highly recommend Doug.

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