Selection of Hosting Platforms

I offer two different hosting platforms so that I can tailor the “best fit” hosting solution for your needs. While it would be easier to only offer a “one size fits all” solution, I believe that my clients should have access to the right solution for their needs.

Factors such as budget, size of website, type of website, expected traffic volume and geographic location of the target audience all play into the selection of the optimal hosting solution for your needs.

The following pages outline the detail of these hosting solutions, but if you’d prefer to be guided through the maze of technical decisions, please just contact me directly.

cPanel Web Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Web hosting of WordPress websites is provided through a managed WordPress hosting platform on the Google Cloud Platform. This platform provides fast and secure delivery of your website whether your intended audience is local or worldwide.

Performance of websites is critical now as Google monitors a set of parameters called Core Web Vitals and penalises sites that don’t perform within the required standards. Google’s stated objective is to promote websites that provide a good user experience to visitors. A sluggish website is not a good user experience.

The hosting platform is powered by LiteSpeed web servers which incorporate two amazing services. Firstly, there’s the LiteSpeed Image Optimisation which converts your site’s images to the .webp format and compresses the images without noticeable artefacts. Then there’s LiteSpeed Cache which takes snapshots of pages of your site and delivers those rather than having to request the server to generate pages from code for every visitor’s requests. Working together these two services provide a faster delivery of your content.

Google Content Delivery Network is another important feature of the hosting platform. Your website will be served to your visitors from an edge server right near them – resulting in much faster delivery and a better user experience.

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